I am very pleased with the racking that VSI arranged in my wine locker. In fact, I am so pleased that I am going to have another locker racked out. And the loading and inventory service that VSI provided for my collection far exceeded my expectations. As someone with a very busy schedule, I can’t tell you how much this meant to me. Just thought you should know how pleased I am.       Chuck

“I have leased space at many wine storage facilities over the years, and have found that the facility and staff at Vintage Storage is superior to any others I have used or visited. It makes me feel very comfortable knowing that my investment is secure.”
Todd Davis, CCIM

I have enjoyed the secure wine cellaring services of VSI since 2006. Storage is at the perfect humidity and temperature to insure proper storage and predictable aging my wines. Deliveries from the boutique wineries are made directly to VSI so I never miss a shipment or need to hassle with deliveries. From a small personal locker for several cases to bays for commercial deliveries for restaurants or others in the wine trade, VSI has it all.

Professional, personable and local, 

they are the best!
A Wine Collector from Carlsbad

Vintage Storage has provided a cool experience since they opened. Between their very secure and properly maintained climate controlled facility, their always helpful and responsive staff, North County has a facility that rivals any around.

Storing our wines at Vintage Storage is very convenient and reassuring. The facility is well maintained and organized. The staff’s friendliness, helpful and attentive services make all the difference!
Alex Dolan

After a long time in the wine business, and with a collection of over 30 cases of very good wines, I needed a new storage facility. Vintage storage has been excellent. The prices are fair and the staff is excellent.
Richard Eckert

I have stored my wine at Vintage Storage in Carlsbad for many years. I originally started with a small locker, and have subsequently expanded to a medium locker, and now have one that stores over 100 cases. The facility is well managed and the personnel are very helpful. I have stored my wines at other facilities, but I highly recommend using Vintage Storage.
Paul Latchford
Assistant Vice President, Program Management

I know my wines are happy staying at your place; I appreciate the dedication to quality 

wine service.  Thanks
David Sass

You guys are Great!
Charles Knuff

Vintage Storage, Inc. has made it possible for me to maintain and enjoy my wine collection. Carlsbad is our home, but over the past ten years I have worked in Italy, then Hawaii, and now in Italy again.  As I travelled and shipped my carefully collected wines back to my locker at Vintage Storage, Art and Patricia have gone out of their way to make sure my wines were received and safely stored away. It’s great to know my wines will be there, in perfect condition, when I return. 

Grazie, Vintage Storage!   Ron Ress

As one of the first customers of Vintage Storage since 2001, I can truly state that my experience with the Company over the past 11 years has been nothing short of exceptional. Not only is the environment for storing my wines state of the art, but the relationship with the employees and owners of the Company is such that they make you feel like “family”. Consequently, I KNOW that my wines are in good hands.
Gary L. Kincannon, Esq.

“It’s comforting to know that my wines are safely tucked away under ideal storage conditions and that any time I want it can be Christmas in Carlsbad!”
Gerald Joyce  -  Rancho Santa Fe

Vintage Storage is a team of true wine storage professionals. We have had a locker for several years and they have been a pleasure to work with. They have gone above and beyond when needed.
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“When I began collecting fine wines in earnest, I quickly outgrew my refrigerated cabinet at home. Vintage Storage has provided the stability and security that has allowed me to continue to build my collection. The secure storage VSI provides has given me the confidence to continue to add to my fine wines. This was never more important than the Autumn of 2007 when we were forced to prepare for evacuation in advance of the Cedars fire and I knew my investment in wines was safe and secure.” Michael B.

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I have been a customer of Vintage Storage for a number of years. I have moved several time over the years and when came back to San Diego a few years ago Vintage Storage was as usual head and shoulders above the competition. The first thing is your people who are always helpful, courteous, very knowledgeable and professional. In addition the facility is impeccably clean with wide aisles and great lighting making it very easy to load, unload, and manage my stored wine. As long as I continue to live in San Diego Vintage will have my business because its simply the best. Thanks Art and Patricia for all you and your team do.

Vintage Storage in Carlsbad is a great place for you’re off site wine storage. I have used the facility for years and have always been completely satisfied. The warehouse maintains a constant temperature ideal for long term cellaring. The facility is comprised of individual lockers of heavy gauge chain link, each secured by your own lock, and separated by wide aisles. As a consequence, the facility is secure, yet access to your wine is very convenient. I especially like the ability to bring a vehicle completely inside the warehouse if need to transport large shipments of wine in and out of the warehouse without having to ever expose the wine to higher temperatures. Moreover, they maintain a forklift that allows for rapid transfer of pallets of wine on from refrigerated truck to the warehouse, which again minimizes the exposure of wine to higher temperatures. The staff over the years has always been very helpful taking deliveries and securing my wine. My wine refrigerated delivery truck company has made a point to tell me how easy it is to arrange for delivery and pickup of wine from Vintage Storage. I give my unqualified recommendation of Vintage Storage of Carlsbad for anyone looking for off site wine storage. Charles Bates  -  Chairman BATES WHITE Economic Consulting