Who Uses VSI?

middle level locker wine storage san diego

Our wine storage options are designed to accommodate most every need

Private Individuals – Collectors – Investors:

A safe and controlled environment to store your treasured wine collection! Now the sky’s the limit when it comes to building your collection and investment. You can now take full allocations from wineries that offer futures and buy new wines upon their release before prices go up and the vintage is sold-out. Fine wines are a valuable investment only when stored properly and aged under the proper conditions of temperature, humidity, light, and motion. Protect your precious investment at VSI!

Restaurants and Resorts:

We have heard it from the restaurant managers and owners themselves — their complaints about the lack of physical space available for wine storage — not to mention proper wine storage conditions! Now you can take advantage of big volume buys, today’s availability and prices. At VSI, you will be able to store your reserves in one convenient location and under our ideal storage conditions.


Good selection & pricing are key to your retail sales, and providing your customers with both will contribute to higher volume sales. Don’t miss out on today’s availability and multiple case discounts. Store your inventory in one of VSI’s individual locker units and know that your investment is safe and secure.

Importers, Distributors & Wineries:

Fine wines and alcoholic beverages are being produced in abundance all over the world. VSI is a LICENSED AND BONDED facility, by ATF, with various types of storage available.

Premium Beer Brewmasters and Collectors:

Premium beer ages as long as it is stored properly. Same conditions apply to storing those micro and craft brewed beers.

Come in and see what is available to meet your needs. Call (760) 931-6970 for more information, or e-mail us at wine@vintagestorage.com.