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Welcome to Vintage Storage, Inc., where our cellar is your cellar serving Southern Orange and San Diego County for Wine Storage in Carlsbad, North Coastal San Diego County. You can feel secure knowing your collection, be it wine, spirits or beer, will mature to its greatest potential in our optimal wine storage environment.

We offer a variety of options to meet your every need and growing collection. You can choose from many configurations to meet your wine storage needs; whether you are a seasoned wine veteran with a diverse collection, a focused collector, or just starting out. You can be confident knowing that no matter the size of your collection, be it 1 bottle or several thousand, VSI has the ability to offer you an unparalleled storage solution.

We Welcome…

  • * Wine Enthusiasts *
  • * Private Individuals *
  • * Collectors *
  • * Wine Shops *
  • * Wineries *
  • * Restaurants *
  • * Importers *
  • * Brewmasters *