Locker Sizes

Locker Sizes


SECURITY  is our upmost concern.  We have state of the art cameras inside and out.  Total monitoring of each area 24/7.

Locker Sizes

Locker Sizes

Locker Sizes


TEMPORARY or LONG TERM STORAGE.  For the beginner, we offer a COMMUNITY LOCKER where you can store one (1) bottle or a few cases.  INDIVIDUAL PRIVATE LOCKERS (24, 36 & larger) & WALK-IN


Locker Sizes

Racked Locker


WALK-IN LOCKERS are available.  We can create a wine storage solution to meet your every need or as your collection grows  

Racked Locker

Fork Lift on Site

Racked Locker


Custom and pre-made RACK is available for every size locker.  Please inquire for full details & pricing

Draped Locker

Fork Lift on Site

Fork Lift on Site


DRAPED locker for light control and/or privacy.  Please inquire for full details & pricing

Fork Lift on Site

Fork Lift on Site

Fork Lift on Site


FORKLIFT on site to receive large shipments including bulk pallets. Our large spacious aisles, roll-up doors and accessible facility accommodates any size delivery. (Forklift fee may apply)


Come in and visit us.  We will discuss what your needs are and show you what is available starting with 1 case or a pallet load.  


License and Bonded

We are licensed and bonded by ATF & ABC to receive imports for ALL alcohol (wine, beer & spirits) related businesses.


Military & First Responders - 10% off.   Move-Over Special - Bring in your current storage invoice. You will receive 10% off your current storage invoice for the first year with a signed lease of one (1) year or more.  

Delivery and Pick up Service

We are available to sign for all your deliveries.   No more rearranging your schedule to receive or sign for your wine deliveries at your home.  You can have your wine shipped directly to VSI.   Our roll-up door allows for the option of large pallet deliveries or bring a car directly into the building to offload large amounts of wine.

Emergency or pick-up assistance from your current location to VSI is available by wine professionals.  

Call 760-931-6970 or email for pricing.

Assistance out of the area     GSO Trucking              1-800-322-5555


One of the owners or an administrator is onsite during all access hours. If you need help with anything, there is always someone available to help.

Key Locker Service

A key locker is provided as a service for customers who prefer to keep their keys on the premises and your wine delivery can be placed directly into your personal locker.  


Customize your Locker

You can customize your locker your way to fit your needs.

Rack Locker

Custom and pre-made racking is available. Please inquire for full details.

Draped Locker Service

Draped lockers are available to the client who want their own privacy.   Please inquire for full details.

Supplies & Packing Needs

We sell wine boxes, shippers, packing tape, padlocks (single, double or triple), etc along with a few retail wine accessories.  We sell the CORAVIN, needles & capsules.