About Vintage Wine Storage


We are very pleased to be in the wine storage business since 2001. Vintage Wine Storage, Inc. (VSI) is one of the oldest, largest and finest premium wine storage facilities in San Diego County.  The 8,700 square foot facility provides a temperature and humidity controlled environment necessary for the proper storage of your collection.

Owners, Art and Patricia (Trece) Kinberg, themselves wine enthusiasts for over 30 years, have always shared a vision to provide California with premium wine storage. They sought to fulfill a particular need by providing a state-of-the-art facility catering to the growing interest in collecting and enjoying properly aged fine wines.

The Kinberg’s are consistently available to established and new clients. They are long time residents in Southern California and have a wide range of interests, most made better with a good bottle of wine. Whether preparing a culinary delight, entertaining friends and family, growing their own fruits and veggies, or discovering a great bike route between vineyards, you will find they are fully committed and hands on. “We have thoroughly researched the criteria involved in creating the perfect cellar conditions for wine to properly age in the bottle,” states Mr. Kinberg. “After meeting with various consultants throughout the process, we feel we’ve created the ideal facility for security, temperature, humidity, air flow, light, and insulation.” Establishing and maintaining those conditions are our top priority at VSI.

Part of the vision for VSI includes a desire to play a major role in the larger network of local collectors and wine enthusiasts by providing an aesthetically pleasing environment emphasizing interior design details and an attractive ambiance. Granite countertops, slate flooring, comfortable couch and chairs all add to the unique feel at VSI. It is far more than just a warehouse.


Come in and visit our facility.  See what we have to offer.  We are a cut above.