Warehouse Conditions

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Wide aisles can accommodate our forklift

The VSI founders have extensively researched the challenge of developing the optimum environment to properly age wine in the bottle. Temperature, humidity, airflow, light, insulation, and technology have been incorporated into the cellar to create the most desirable environment for your investment.

Electric Power Backup

Refrigeration systems are professionally maintained regularly and technicians are available to restore power 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in the event of power interruption.


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Temperature control system

VSI researched and worked with leading professionals in the industry and together have concluded that REFRIGERATION is the best cooling method. It not only keeps a temperature of 54 – 59 degrees, but also consistently maintains the temperature throughout the cellar thus allowing the maximum preservation of your wine.

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Large lockers and custom racks

Fluctuation of temperature, in addition to improperly preserving wine, also impacts the bottle’s cork. Temperatures that are too high tend to cause the cork to move up the neck of the wine bottle, leaving additional head space and more air contact with the wine. When the temperature begins to drop and the wine cools, the cork does not move back down the bottle, therefore accelerating the oxidation process. VSI called on professionals in the refrigeration industry to build a model that maintains ultimate above ground cave conditions. The refrigeration units at VSI are monitored continuously and adjusted to maintain the proper temperature environment.


Maintaining the appropriate range of relative humidity in the warehouse provides the ideal atmosphere for the wine bottle cork. Too little humidity causes the cork to dry out and allows the oxidation process to begin causing unwanted changes in the taste and value of your wine. However, too much relative humidity in the cellar causes mold and mildew build-up which will damage wine bottle labels, an important criteria to collectors and resellers. VSI maintains humidifiers that are monitored in collaboration with the refrigeration units to uphold the proper cellar conditions. The cellar averages a relative humidity between 60% and 70%.

Open air-flow wine storage system

Open air-flow storage system

Air Flow

The evaporation coils that distribute the cool air from the condensing units are monitored with a “Smart Controller” on the computer so that the appropriate airflow is maintained. Proper air-flow (cool air with humidity) allows each bottle in the cellar to age properly. No matter where the bottle is in the warehouse, the “open” storage system is designed to permit unimpeded airflow for the preserving of your collection and investment.


Not only are the appropriate insulation applications utilized to maintain a constant temperature throughout the year, the insulation also protects the cellar from a fluctuating temperature during the various seasons – keeping the warm air out in the summer, the cool air out in the winter, and a constant temperature inside at all times.
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VSI management met with City of Carlsbad Engineers and discussed any possible geotechnical hazards in the area. After reviewing the seismic maps and recognizing the many active faults located throughout Southern California, VSI proceeded to build a “State-of-the Art” storage system that accounts for earthquake activity.

VSI retained the services of a Structural Engineer (who prepared the “motion props” for the movie TITANIC) to prepare a storage system that meets all Uniform Building Codes in Section 2222. After receiving the applicable permits from the reviewing agencies, we then proceeded with the construction of the storage system.


VSI has addressed the impact of vibration, which can affect the equilibrium and aging of wine. The Structural Engineer, through conforming to building codes, has minimized any vibration in the cellar.


VSI has eliminated all natural light into the cellar. Lighting is programmed to be on only when there is activity such as wine delivery or retrieval. Ultra-violet light can be harmful, therefore the cellar is designed to protect your investment from outside lighting conditions.


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Key card system to enhance security

VSI has taken the security of your wine investment and the safety of the cellar very seriously. There is ALWAYS an owner or employee on site during all access hours. You never have to worry if someone unknown was given a key card to enter the premises. Video camera monitoring, key card access, and motion sensors throughout are just a few of the precautionary measures VSI management has installed.

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Security camera

The “after hours” security system is under constant monitoring. In the event a problem should occur the security company immediately notifies the Carlsbad Police Department and a VSI owner.

The video camera surveillance system allows monitoring in the cellar and provides a recorded history.

The only access to the cellar is by the security key card entry system. Key cards are only issued to active leaseholders. Our keycard entry system keeps a log of who entered and exited the cellar.

Not only are the activities of people monitored in the warehouse, the climate conditions are also monitored by a “Smart Controller.” The refrigeration unit system is set up to a computer system so that temperature, air flow, and humidity is monitored throughout the year. The “Smart Controller” data can be viewed and adjusted as needed.